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#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The Grilled cheese

Batman shows you how to make Batman style grilled cheese! A huge thank you goes out to the very handsome Toronto Joker AKA That Joker...

#CamCouple – Trinnie buying clothes

Trinnie trying on some new oufits and showcasing them! What can I say? She REALLY likes her outfits! Hope this soon turns into Trinnie's Wedding Day

#CamCouple – Pumpkin carving with the Joker and Mad Love Harley Quinn

A very inexperienced Joker carves a pumpkin under the supervision of Harley Quinn! Happy Halloween!

#CamGirl – Get ready with me // mycherrycrush

instagram @mycherrycrushx For Business inquiries- [email protected] You can also find me - https://www.facebook.com/mycherrycrushx https://Instagram.com/mycherrycrushx http://twitter.com/mycherrycrush Camming Wishlist - https://amzn.com/w/201PAS0KKB08 Regular Wishlist - https://amzn.com/w/2UM3ALM02UQH3 ALL original music written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Butter Beer Cupcakes Featuring Hermione Granger from Harry...

Big thank you to Tabby and Ziggy, for getting Batman a large tub of icing, as well as a batter/icing dispenser. Batman must also apologize...

#CamCouple – Ranting with The Joker – Loyalty

The Joker has choice words for the ignorant masses who follow and stick up for their preferred brand, store chain, city or political party...

#CamCouple – Mixology with Batman and Catwoman – The Banana Split Martini

In this mixology episode of cooking with Batman, Batman shows you how to make a yummy Banana Split Martini! Catwomans rating: 9/10 Strength rating: 9/10

#CamCouple – Camping with The Joker and Harley Quinn

In this hilarious little ditty, Harley Quinn and the Joker visit a provincial park and go camping to experience the great outdoors! Be sure...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The 4 cheese spinach dip

Thank you Flemcat&Joe for the Batman oven mitts! In this ep of Cooking with Batman, Batman shows you how to make restaurant style 4 cheese...

#CamCouple – Beat the Riddler – 3rd Riddle

UNSOLVED This is the third of many quick eps of Riddler's Riddles (check out the playlist). Be sure to comment below and show your love for...