Batman needs YOU to submit your Cooking with Batman requests!

Rules: (No chance of selection without covering these)
-Full costume
-In character
-State who you are, what show you’re from
-What you want Batman to prepare

Recommendations: (Increased chance of selection if you cover these)
-Under 60 seconds
-Check out what Batman has already made prior to your submission
-13 years old or older
-High quality video AND audio
-Avoid characters that have already appeared as either guest stars or as a requester.

-Submitting a video does NOT guarantee that your request will be made into an episode of cooking with Batman.
-Submitting a video implies that you are allowing your video clip to be played prior to the episode of cooking with Batman based on your request.
-If you are not the age of majority, I will assume that your submission was approved by your parent or guardian.
-In the case that you submit a takedown request for your video, your clip will be removed and all mention of you will be deleted, but the Cooking with Batman episode will be re-uploaded without your video submission.
-Your character (not you) may be the subject of ridicule in the episode created. (Expect either Selina or Batman to make fun of you or the requested dish while the other defends you or your requested dish)
-You will have your Youtube channel (or other social media if you wish) linked in the description of your episode of Cooking with Batman.