#CamGirl – Get ready with me // mycherrycrush

instagram @mycherrycrushx For Business inquiries- [email protected] You can also find me - Camming Wishlist - Regular Wishlist - ALL original music written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Butter Beer Cupcakes Featuring Hermione Granger from Harry...

Big thank you to Tabby and Ziggy, for getting Batman a large tub of icing, as well as a batter/icing dispenser. Batman must also apologize...

#CamCouple – Ranting with The Joker – Loyalty

The Joker has choice words for the ignorant masses who follow and stick up for their preferred brand, store chain, city or political party...

#CamCouple – Mixology with Batman and Catwoman – The Banana Split Martini

In this mixology episode of cooking with Batman, Batman shows you how to make a yummy Banana Split Martini! Catwomans rating: 9/10 Strength rating: 9/10

#CamCouple – Camping with The Joker and Harley Quinn

In this hilarious little ditty, Harley Quinn and the Joker visit a provincial park and go camping to experience the great outdoors! Be sure...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The 4 cheese spinach dip

Thank you Flemcat&Joe for the Batman oven mitts! In this ep of Cooking with Batman, Batman shows you how to make restaurant style 4 cheese...

#CamCouple – Beat the Riddler – 3rd Riddle

UNSOLVED This is the third of many quick eps of Riddler's Riddles (check out the playlist). Be sure to comment below and show your love for...

#CamCouple – Madlibs with Harley! First pets

Harley Quinn plays madlibs!

#CamGirl – Little bunny // mycherrycrush [email protected] [email protected] shop- Music by - Kevin MacLeod ~ Hyperfun

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Glazed Donuts Featuring Bomb Shell Harley Quinn

In this yummy ep of cooking with batman and friends featuring bomb shell Harley Quinn, Batman shows you how to make baked sugar-based donuts!...