#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the White Chocolate Brownies featuring a Ghostbuster

Thank you Lance "romance" 2000 for the cake pans! In this episode of Cooking with Batman we get a behind the scenes look at what...

#CamCouple – Birthday humiliation for the Joker

Payback is sweet! That Joker Guy doesn't like to talk about his birthday, so I lay a trap which he falls into so easily!

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Chocolate chip oat cookies

Warning may contain foul mouthed cats! A big thank you to Dugggins for supplying the Gotham steel baking sheet! It's bigger than the old sheet,...

#CamGirl – shiny Goddess

#CamGirl – October Favorites! // mycherrycrush

Shirts - instagram @mycherrycrushx For Business inquiries- [email protected] You can also find me - Camming Wishlist - Regular Wishlist - Black platforms - Black hoodie - Matte...

#CamGirl – Video 178