#Chaturbate – FetishCon and Award Show

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#Chaturbate – OBS Guide With Lexxykitty

Take a look at LexxyKitty’s video which makes setting up OBS easy. In a matter of minutes, she’ll have you set up and ready...

#Chaturbate – The Windy City

Chaturbate and crew packed their bags and headed to Chicago, IL for eXXXotica! eXXXotica is the largest expo dedicated to love and sex.

#Chaturbate – The basics of broadcasting

Chaturbate's very own ReeceRyan explains the benefits of broadcasting on Chaturbate.com and gives helpful tips.

#Chaturbate – A breakdown of Chaturbate.com’s chat settings

Zoexrydher walks you through chat settings that can be enabled on Chaturbate.com.

#Chaturbate – Information on apps & bots

ImpossibleGirl explains Apps and Bots on Chaturbate.

#Chaturbate – Lighting and equipment for broadcasting

In this tutorial Crusader_cronos covers basic computer hardware and lighting. *Please note professional lighting equipment is not mandatory to broadcast on Chaturbate

#Chaturbate – Getting started on Chaturbate.com

Chaturbate's very own J0hnjeffers0n talks about getting started, terms/rules, and helpful broadcasting tips.