#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The Chocolate chip banana bread with Google Home

Warning, may contain a very rude cat! A big thank you to Roadypie for the Gotham Steel loaf pan!

#CamCouple – The Joker’s Rubber duckies

This film contains PG13 content Big thanks goes out to Shoebones for the amazing coasters strewn about the Joker's desk, as well as Tabby and...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Blueberry Muffins featuring Robin

A big thanks goes out to Lance2000 for getting Batman the Gotham Steel muffin tray!! In this episode Robin is a complete little shit while...

#CamCouple – No golden ticket required Willy Wonka masquerade skit

This is a ridiculous skit from a convention in 2016. Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompa! Won most entertaining in show! This is not my...

#CamCouple – Ronald McDonald kidnaps Batgirl

Contains PG13 content In this creepy parody we find Barbara Gordon having her first encounter with Ronald McDonald Thank you to the very lovely Stu for...

#CamCouple – Ranting with The Joker everything is open to satire, and bullies are...

This rant could have been twice as long fairly easily. If you disagree with anything in this rant please COMMENT

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty

Warning may contain a rude and DRUNK cat! In this episode of Cooking with Batman, you are shown how to make a Wendy's chocolate frosty...

#CamCouple – Madlibs with Harley Letter from an American in Paris

RAVIOLI! That's all I gotta say about this!

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Ramen noodles featuring a Naruto Ninja

Big thanks to the very lovely Stu of the CSNB who masterminded and edited this episode of Cooking with Batman! Batman and a Genin Ninja...

#CamCouple – Ranting with The Joker – Prudes

Prudes! Are you one of them? If you don't agree with what the Joker is saying and can't back it up, then there is...