#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Ramen noodles featuring a Naruto Ninja

Big thanks to the very lovely Stu of the CSNB who masterminded and edited this episode of Cooking with Batman! Batman and a Genin Ninja...

#CamCouple – Ranting with The Joker – Prudes

Prudes! Are you one of them? If you don't agree with what the Joker is saying and can't back it up, then there is...

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman The vodka gummy bears plus more Vodka featuring Catwoman

Warning may contain a very rude and perverted cat! Batman shows you how to make vodka gummy bears as an appetizer plus a Raspberry Strawberry...

#CamCouple – Batman unboxes the Nintendo Switch!

Batman has his Nintendo Switch delivered, open the box and shows you the contents of the box!

#CamCouple – Harley Quinn and the Joker Vs the Poopourri

This is one extremely long poop joke about Poopourri. If you can't handle a poop joke, you're wasting your time.

#CamCouple – Cooking with Batman the Shrimp fried rice

Batman and Selina teach you how to make a perfect shrimp fried rice!!! Please note: This video contains a cat with a very filthy mouth....

#CamCouple – Madlibs with Harley Dogs point of view

Harley Quinn plays an immature game of Madlibs with Google Home!

#CamCouple – Cooking With Batman: The Punch: The Movie: The Conclusion

Watch Batman finish Struggling to make a delicious and acidic fruit punch in the biggest Cooking With Batman video yet! Special guest creator Captain...