Camgirl / clip producer Roselynn Locks goes over some of the apps that are useful for cam models. These apps can be used to increase efficiency, stay organized and make more money. Here is the apps that Roselynn suggests using:

Evernote: Evernote is an app for taking notes and saving information for later. It’s got a lot more feature than the standard notepad apps that come on phones. This app works on multiple devices, so you can access the same notes from mobile or desktop.

ATracker Pro: There’s also a free version, if you don’t mind it being ad supported. ATracker tracks your time spend doing certain tasks and gives you reports on how you’re spending your time. This helps for scheduling and finding where you’re wasting time and could do things more efficiently.

Trello: Trello is an app for organizing task and lists into different boards. Trello makes it very easy to keep track of tasks and write notes for each task or bulletin item.

Accounts 2 / Ace Budget: These two apps are made by the same people and give you an easy way to keep track of your budget. These apps help you keep track of all your budgeting. You can setup multiple accounts. Ace Budget is a budgeting app to make sure you’re not spending too much money and you’re budgeting appropriately.

Clarity Money: Another great finance app that can be synced to banks, credit cards and investment accounts. It gives you spending and saving suggestions and an overall view of your money.

Adobe Clip: If you use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, this app works with all that. It allows you to edit video on your phone. For example: If you want to download all your Snapchat story and create a recap, this is really useful. Can also add music to your clips and other editing.

iWatermark: This is an app that makes it real easy to watermark images, all from your phone. Watermarking helps with anti-piracy and lets potential customers know where to find you and your content.

Pic Stitch: Pic Stick is an app that allows you to make many different type of collages. You can use this for promotional purposes, as well as just creating collections of photos.

Touch Blur: Touch Blur make it easy to blur out anything naughty. This is useful for sharing via social media with less risk of your content and account being deemed too explicit for their network. Simply touch and blur.

Google Sheets: Part of Google Drive. This allows you to access all your spreadsheets associated to your Google account.

Asana: Asana is a project management app that makes it easy to manage your projects and the tasks associated with the project. This app also works with teams / collaboration.

IFTTT: “If This Then That”. IFTTT is a platform that connects the entire internet. Whenever something happens on one of your social networks (or other products / services) it’s possible to trigger an action on another network.

Pipedrive: Pipedrive is a sales and CRM platform. It gives you a visual of what leads are where in the process of your sales pipeline / funnel.

iDrated: It’s important for everyone to drink enough water, and iDrated helps you keep track of your water intake.

Pzizz: Sleep at the touch of the button. This app helps you fall asleep at the touch of a button. The app uses a combination of sounds and narrations to help you sleep or power-nap better.

Alarmy: This is an alarm app where you need to perform a certain task to shut the alarm off. No hitting the snooze button, this app forces you to do things.

BongaCams: BongaCams has their own application. BongaCams is a camming site. This app allows you to cam from your phone. Set your topic, tip menu, ect.

Arousr: Arousr is a phone sex network. You can sext, upload content and do other PSO work directly from your phone, via their mobile app.